Friday, June 30, 2006

The Aerosmith of TV

Friends in the Bay Area introduced me to Entourage this week. Through the magic of HBO On Demand, I saw the premiere episode of the third season. It was okay, I guess; it helped that the ending was kind of sweet and humble. But I don't think I'll keep watching.

My problem with the show, as I realized by the numerous multi-page glossy ads in magazines, is that the cast as a whole is remarkably unattractive. They're like the Aerosmith of TV: four guys you wouldn't think much of, plus Jeremy Piven as the sort of good looking Joe Perry exception. Add to that the frat boy videogamer vibe I find so unappealing, and my distinct belief that Hollywood has not sunk so low that a guy who looks like Adrian Grenier would be the next big thing.

On a positive note, who would've guessed that Jeremy Piven not only emerges out of John Cusack's shadow, but is considered in some circles as the bigger star? Even a few years ago I'd think it impossible. But here we are: Piven's fame continues to rise, and Cusack continues to coast on past successes.

Amazing. It's like if Willie Aames eclipsed Scott Baio, circa 1987.

55 Fiction Friday thinks Adrian Grenier is the male SJP.

After enduring decades of domestication and tradition, Ken found himself newly independent. He wanted the public to see him as something other than an accessory. Gone were the grilling aprons and pastel outerwear. His new look would include black leather, and maybe a moustache.

It was time to confirm the suspicions of those Barbie collectors.


Jack Yan said...

Piven has always been there, whether it’s in 12.01 or more recent fare—he’s continued to work to keep his star rising, while others have not. I love the analogy of Aames and Baio. Now, what is it about 2006 that makes us want to say the words Scott Baio? Is it the same urge that forced us to mouth Rénée Zellweger 10 years ago?

K-Lyn said...

Piven has been flirting with the edge of my laminated list for years. But it is my lack of a coherent answer to the question "why" and his buudy John's continuing place on said list that has kept him off. Still, he's close. Perhaps when I netflix Entourage it will become clear.

Julie said...

I love Jeremy Piven! I must admit, I do have a slight crush on him.

And I've never seen Entourage.

K-Lyn said...

I think it was his cameo in Singles that I first loved him...

Neel Mehta said...

You mean his star turn as Doug, opposite Campbell Scott as Steve? Here you go...

Doug Hughley: You know what? We're throwing down tonight over on Aloha Street! Yeah! We're gonna have three bands; it's gonna be insane! Would you... would you get up and do a little "Wheels of Steel" for us?

Steve Dunne: Oh, no, no...

Doug Hughley: You sure? You're the only man I know who could mix Elvis Costello and Public Enemy!


What's so funny about... peace, peace, peace... love and under... peace, peace. / Death Row, what does a brother know? peace, peace. / Yow, wow, wow, wow, wow, kapow! You're the King, man, you are the King! You've gotta be there, man, you must be there!

[looks down; notices that Steve is buying several different pregnancy tests]

Of course, you may be busy.

G. said...

OMG, you have to go back and watch it from the beginning (available on DVD) -- it's SUCH a good show. And the guy who plays Vinnie Chase is *beautiful*. But really, it's so funny. The Jeremy Piven character and the publicist are totally the best part of the show. I wish it was all about them.