Tuesday, April 19, 2005

55 fiction

In a previous bloglife, I was quite adept at this form of writing. It was invented by the good folks at New Times of San Luis Obispo, California. Find it here.

I went a little nuts last year churning out these stories. It got me to write, which was nice, but I had a tougher time trying to create something longer than 55 words. (It seems that my story ideas now tend to be really short.) Anyway, here's the first such story I wrote:

The Saturday evening ritual continued. Stephen sprawled on the oversized couch and stretched. Paula rummaged through the archives of clubbing outfits in her closet. She held up a size 2 and frowned, then held her breath and gave it the old college try.

"And how does this look?" she asked him.

Stephen stretched once more.

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