Friday, November 11, 2005

Chocolate frosted sugar bombs

The kitchen pantry has been ant-free for a few months and I've amassed another impressive collection of cereal. But my favorite, at least at the moment, is Chocolate Lucky Charms. It's like General Mills discovered what was wrong with the original Lucky Charms -- the taste of dry oats dominates the palate once the marshmallows run low -- and fixed the problem. And while you wouldn't think the chocolate-flavored puffs would go with super-sugary marshallows, they really do. I can attest, with all honesty, that this cereal is magically delicious.

One glass of 55 Fiction Friday is part of a healthy breakfast.

“Animals Only” read the sign in front of the jazz club.

Otter was drunk and belligerent. “Tiger, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get your filthy paws off my upholstery. And take your skank girlfriend off the stage!”

Normally Tiger absorbed his manager’s insults, but now Otter went too far. “Hey! That’s Skunk.”

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