Saturday, November 12, 2005


Yeah, I had to look it up.

Last night I got a free pass to enter the Light, a nightclub in the Bellagio, and watch a sneak preview screening of Iconoclasts, a new series coming to the Sundance Channel. It was sponsored by Grey Goose vodka, and drinks were free. So I partook.

The point of the show is to take two famous people from different walks of life, and have one interview the other. This episode had actor Samuel L. Jackson interviewing basketball great Bill Russell. The result comes across as part documentary, part reality show. It wasn't great TV -- half the episode has them playing a round of golf -- but it had its moments. Bill Russell is an extremely interesting sports figure, but you wouldn't know it from this show. HBO did a documentary recently that was far more effective.

Update: According to the society columnist for the local newspaper, Paris Hilton was at the same nightclub later that night, dancing on a stripper pole. She arrived after dinner, and I left at 10:30, so I must have just missed seeing her in her natural habitat. (Sometimes I forget how fortunate my life is.)

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