Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Tom-Tom club

July 3, 1962: actors Tom Cruise* and Thomas Gibson were born.

For those that forget the connection, both appeared in Far and Away. They only look like twins; Gibson (left) is the evil one with the hilarious Geraldo mustache. They reunited to play doctor(s) in Eyes Wide Shut. Gibson's more familiar to TV sitcom fans, as the underrated glue of Dharma & Greg.

Despite working with a pair of Scientologists -- Cruise and Jenna Elfman -- Gibson's been able to resist the lure of... whatever it is that lures celebrities to Scientology. His online biographies say that he lives in San Antonio, which probably helps. And while I don't know anything about his wife, she has to be less annoying than Katie Holmes.

So happy 45th to you, Thomas Gibson, and also to you, other guy.

* Alternate title: "Born on the Third of July"


K-Lyn said...

I feel like this post, at least the last line, should be narrated buy the "real men of genius" radio ad guys...

slskenyon said...

I'm glad that the obsession with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has worn off. I don't think even another pregnancy could revive it at this point.

Quinn said...


Tom Cruise: the equivalent of "Taco Salad Guy"

Mainline Mom said...

You didn't even mention Gibson's current TV show, which I happen to love very much. He's definately a hottie.

Neel Mehta said...

K-Lyn and Quinn: It wasn't intended, but yeah, this post does have a "Real Men of Genius" vibe.

Slskenyon: Somehow I doubt that Chris Klein would be willing to impregnate Katie Holmes again.

MM: Yeah, I left out Chicago Hope and Criminal Minds, probably because Gibson and Mandy Patinkin hate each other.

But then, I also left out the terrific B-movie Psycho Beach Party he did with Lauren Ambrose. Rent it, or find it on cable.

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