Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm for gun control, but...

This seems like a good time to unleash some random bullets.
  • Right now I'm enjoying Low Resolution's bracketology approach to deciding the best actor of the last 10 years. True to form, he starts with a field of 64, with some especially cruel first-round matchups. Then he pares them down by a set of criteria, including my favorite, a hypothetical Zoolander-esque walkoff. (He did the same thing with actresses last summer, substituting a hypothetical girlfight.)
  • I didn't watch it, but why was there a Concert for Diana yesterday? Where's the benefit? While charities may have been involved, they certainly weren't advertised. Seemed like a lot of publicity without a cause. (Was Sheryl Crow involved?) That VH1 link explains that many of Diana's favorite charities will receive proceeds, but it appears as if the greater reason for the event was the coming out of Princes William and Harry as philanthropists. If so, kudos to them, as they have much better PR than their father.
  • License to Wed opens this week. My parents caught a screening, and they said that Robin Williams was not that annoying. (His child assistant is the annoying one.) Anyway, there was something about the poster I found bothersome, and I'm glad to see Single File Eyes (and Defamer) agree with me. I thought I was the only one who saw that.
  • Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? This article suggests that we all do. There's a converted 7-Eleven somewhere in nearby Henderson -- gotta go find it and take pictures. Stay tuned.

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RC said...

i gotta took me reading your title and intro three times to get what you were saying...ah the wit.