Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The jitterbug

Sorry I've been away again... another wedding, you see. Despite the title above, I did not do much dancing, whether referenced by Wham! or not. Extreme lower back pain in the past few weeks (the reasons for which are beyond the scope of this blog) made me question going at all, much less being active.

Still, I went for a long weekend, giving myself painkillers to endure the flights and visiting everyone I knew in the RDU area. And even a few I did not know. My reward? Traditional allergies, fever, a nasty cough, and a solid re-affirmation that I never want to live near the East Coast again. Sorry, "Brevity in 2012" campaigners.

At least this wedding gave me a chance to reunite with fellow invited guest and writer Quinn the Brain. Also in tow were her Spouse and their firstborn, the Drama Queen, who I hadn't seen since she was Elmo-sized. (Seriously. She wore fuzzy red pajamas then.) New to the family, at least to me, is Quinn's own little jitterbug, the Wild Boy. Something seemed familiar about him; I couldn't place it at first because I was distracted by the Maddox Jolie haircut, but then I saw him purse his lips in apprehension when dinner was presented to him, and it hit me.

The Wild Boy resembles Derek Zoolander, Jr. at the end of male model manifesto Zoolander. It was uncanny. And though a nerdy academic by nature, Quinn seems open to her son making a living out of being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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Quinn said...

Look at the cheekbones on that kid!