Friday, February 02, 2007

Making the cover (with rare photo!)

I have a few self-imposed rules when it comes to Brevity:

1. I don't write about work.
2. I don't write about my personal life.
3. When I link to a book title, I don't use the Amazon listing.
4. I don't quote song lyrics in their entirety.
5. I don't put YouTube or other video screens on the blog itself.
6. There are no pictures of me.

I'm bending that last rule to promote Making the Cover, a free tool provided by HP and the magazines of Time Inc. Upload one of your own photos into covers of Time, Entertainment Weekly, People, or Sports Illustrated. Crop the photo and add a headline.

As you can see, I opted for the last one. I'm about 2 years old there. Pink bats were very big in 1976.

I believe Making the Cover is being offered for free until the end of February, so take advantage while you can.

55 Fiction Friday is unrecognizable without all that guyliner.

He hid his business suits in his guitar case, and went to the office early to change. Every "jam session" was really a meeting, and a "gig" was usually some high profile merger. Strange that this was his bliss.

When he got home, he'd put on the stoned act again for his unsuspecting hippie wife.

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