Monday, January 29, 2007

A different kind of Oscar

I speak of Oscar Madison, esteemed law professor and author of the Columnist Manifesto. He brought a little academia to Las Vegas last weekend, and I had the opportunity to meet him.

Having met three Bay Area bloggers last summer and Accident Prone earlier this month -- and befriended Julie, K-lyn, and Quinn before Al Gore invented the blog -- I expected my initial contact with Prof. Madison to go smoothly. It did not.

Things improved later on, once we joined his wife, the elusive B. She makes an excellent negotiator, reducing us fist-pumping alpha males into decent gentlemen. With her wisdom, we were able to eat our steaks rather than wear them over, say, our black eyes.

I enthusiastically recommend his account of our meeting, "Why bloggers go to Vegas". He does a terrific job summarizing my life story. Readers, do yourselves a favor and read it. You'll learn a lot about me. I know I did.