Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The revenge of Cobra Kai

Nearly 23 years later, Cobra Kai has emerged victorious. Check out the video for "Sweep the Leg" by No More Kings. It was written and directed by William Zabka, the best teen movie villain of the 1980s and an Academy Award nominee in 2004.

The video features the members of Cobra Kai from The Karate Kid all grown up, including the sensei (Martin Kove) and prize pupil Johnny (Zabka). Despite sacrificing their vanity for the sake of entertainment, they hold up quite well. Also look for a couple of cameos in the beginning and end. Can't say I love the song, which has novelty value at best.

While I'm nostalgic, go to DeLorean.com. Under "Parts Search," enter 18851985 and see what happens. Then try 19852015.

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