Friday, August 04, 2006

The divination of Trisha

Back in October I discussed the divination of Daria, in which the cheerleader and quarterback were named Britney and Kevin, perhaps anticipating America's favorite unclassy couple.

Lest you think that was a random coincidence, I found another when re-listening to Trisha Yearwood's 1991 song "She's in Love with the Boy" on the radio. Read the lyrics; who knew she'd be predicting TomKat?

55 Fiction Friday wonders if Mr. and Mrs. Holmes ever hear that song and just start to cry.

“Once Phyllis found her flaxen hair had frizzed further than fathomable, she started to study global warming...

“No, I’m not saying that women learn things out of vanity. She became an expert, you see. Taught Al Gore and everything...

“Well, I liked the alliteration. And it wasn’t some circa 1950s beehive. Leave me alone, Mom.”

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Quinn said...

The breadth of your knowledge and foresight is scary. In a good way.