Friday, May 19, 2006

Better than an apple

Attention teachers! Who needs the NEA when you have AMC?

In case you needed another reason to go a movie theater and not see The Da Vinci Code, AMC Entertainment and Lionsgate Films are offering teachers a chance to see Akeelah and the Bee for free today through May 25. We here at Brevity enjoyed the movie, as did Thinking Fool and Reel Fanatic.

Not all of us can be teachers and enjoy the countless perks. Most people have to work for a living. And they can avoid controversy by paying to see Akeelah or something else family-friendly, like Hoot or Over the Hedge. (Brevity's reviews are here and here.)

So relax and enjoy the weekend, knowing you won't contribute to anti-Catholic causes, or Scientology, or whatever it is that RV and Poseidon stand for. Instead, you're supporting something more noble, like the Shrek 4 budget, or Starbucks and Mark Cuban, or Jimmy Buffett's new yacht.

55 Fiction Friday might also suggest reading a book. Maybe something by Dan Brown?

At midnight, Edward began his shift patrolling ten miles of border. He was trained to look for any interlopers traveling north.

Up ahead he saw four headlights. Two full vans.

Edward smiled and reached into his red uniform for ammunition. This was his favorite part of the night: firing at elderly Americans seeking cheaper prescriptions.


Janelle Renee said...

I don't need another reason to not see The Da Vinci Code, but those are very good ones to add to my growing list!

Another dazzling 55!

Mike said...

Nice 55. What you lack in baseball analysis skills you make up for in writing.

Neel Mehta said...

JR: There's nothing better than targeting a matlock of senior citizens.

Mike: Thanks, and ouch, and thanks. I'm actually not much of a baseball fan, but I went to law school in St. Louis and found it hard to resist the lure of the Cardinals.

Janelle Renee said...

I love that game! I'm going to have to play, too. Thanks for the link.

It seems to be a Bill Gates week for me. Yesterday on Oscar's site I got MSNsa. (Bill Gate's chapter of Mensa, of course!)

Check out this one:

wmsidot (windows MicroSoft Id[i]ot): I am a wmsidot, because I am a Mac person. (So much so that I can't even spell idiot correctly because of its proximity to the letters MS.)

bdure said...

What are these "movies" you speak of?

Neel Mehta said...

bdure: "Movies" are an old, pre-parent concept of a big screen entertainment experience that required leaving the house. Fortunately, in a few months, they become rentals*, which get half your attention when you aren't busy childrearing or sleeping.

* This assumes that your DVD player isn't already occupied by some form of children's entertainment.

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