Thursday, May 18, 2006

Avril exclusive!

You never know who reads this website. Late Wednesday I got an e-mail from Avril Lavigne, who was appreciative of my mostly positive review for Over the Hedge. (She makes her acting debut, voicing Heather the opossum.) Judging from the picture below, she's left behind her skinny-tie, not-really-punk, skater girl phase.

Wanting to talk about her experience, she granted me a phone interview Thursday morning.

Neel: First things first: congratulations on your new movie.

Avril: Your voice sounds familiar. Haven't I heard it recently?

Neel: I don't think so. In the movie, you and William Shatner play opossums who are father and daughter.

Avril: Right.

Neel: I guess the nice thing about working with him is that no one will accuse you of overacting.

Avril: Well, actually, we recorded our material on different days, so I wouldn't know.

Neel: I see. (Awkward pause)

Avril: Were you in Hollywood last week, by any chance?

Neel: No. So, how did you get the role?

Avril: Honestly? There were looking for a young pop star type, but have you heard their speaking voices lately? They sound like sandpaper.

Neel: Tell me about it. Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff...

Avril: Ugh, don't even mention Hilary. She and her sister act like they own Los Angeles. I have to dress incognito just to have a decent meal.

Neel: Oh, did you get into a fight with her or something?

Avril: Um, I'm not allowed to talk about it.

Neel: Okay.

Avril: Doing the movie was fun. I didn't get to see the rest of the cast until the premiere, but they're a talented group of people. I was happy to be invited.

Neel: Sounds great. Hey, what's that screeching noise behind you?

Avril: Some SUV, and it looks like... Crap! They found me! Crazy Duff sisters!

Hilary: There she is, Haylie! Step on it!

Haylie: My feet can't reach the pedal!

Neel: I'm so sorry! Run, Avril!

Avril: You! You're that journalist guy who encouraged us to fight!

Neel: Actually, I'm a lawyer...


I never got the chance to ask her about her impending nuptials, or the status of that movie musical based on "Sk8r Boi," or her role in Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation. But I'm not worried.

She'll call back.


Musashi said...

I don't much about this blog business but I think this a little too far fetched!

Mainline Mom said...

Wow she actually looks cute as a bottle blonde. Impending nuptials? I'm clueless.

Neel Mehta said...

Musashi: No, it's just far fetched enough for this blog.

MM: I agree. Though when she smiles, she looks a little more like Faith Ford than Avril Lavigne.

She's engaged to this guy, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41. They're both Canadian.