Friday, January 27, 2006

Philosophy takes flight

For today's flight to San Diego, I'm using an airline companion pass. On the plus side, it's cheap, and does not require much planning ahead. The only disadvantage is that my passage is not confirmed because it's a standby ticket. When I made the purchase at the airline counter Wednesday, I was told that my desired flight had 62 seats already claimed, out of a possible 124.

This got me thinking. Is the plane half empty, or half full? An optimist would say it's half empty, since there are 62 seats still available. A pessimist would consider the flight half full, seeing as how 62 of the seats are already filled.

Magnificent. It's exactly the opposite of a glass of water.

55 Fiction Friday donates its frequent flyer miles to the poor.

Her clay sculpture did not look anything like me. My hair
is not that greasy. The chin is enormous and just... wrong.
And the less said about that nose, the better. Still, what
can I do? The girl is blind.

So yeah, we're going out now, but our beginning feels
suspiciously like a music video.

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