Friday, January 13, 2006

Come see for yourself

(Author's Note: Last week I presented some DVD extras of the year 2005. Next week will address my experience as a temporary employee of the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino. And this week seems to be all about New Jersey. I didn't plan on theme weeks here at Brevity, but it's happened. I hereby promise that the last week of January will have the kind of random and pointless content that you, dear readers, have come to expect.)

Just 30 miles southwest of Rutgers University -- where Cappie Pondexter goes to school -- is the state capital of Trenton. The acting governor of New Jersey (which apparently means something different from the acting governor of California) announced a new tourism slogan yesterday:

New Jersey: Come See For Yourself.

According to this CNN article, the other finalists in the statewide contest were Expect the Unexpected, Love at First Sight, The Real Deal, and The Best Kept Secret. Also listed were suggestions that did not make the cut, like You Got a Problem with That?

"Come see for yourself." I dunno. Sounds like a trap.

55 Fiction Friday liked Garden State. Well, the soundtrack.

This is not a good day for a breakup. I had to reach under a ladder to pick up some mirror shards. My roommate's black cat ate my four-leaf clover. I stepped on countless sidewalk cracks as I was replacing my flat tire.

Wait, today's what? Oh. In that case, lay it on me.

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