Thursday, January 12, 2006

Elaborate one-on-one

An entry about college basketball is overdue. I was hoping I'd approach the subject generally, but then I saw this box score of the Rutgers-South Florida women's game. Rutgers won 66-65, but its star Cappie Pondexter outscored South Florida's Jessica Dickson 40-37 (though apparently some defense occurred).

Given the context, this quote from the game recap is kinda funny:

"It shows a lot about our character," Pondexter said. "The fact that we were able to fight and not give up. We could have easily folded."

"Our"? "We"? Apparently the coaching staff at Rutgers concentrates their teachings on making quotes about teamwork in the press room as opposed to, I don't know, passing the ball.

High individual scoring, low team scoring. Who knows when we'll see an outcome that ridiculous again? My guess is tonight, as the Los Angeles Kobes host the Cleveland LeBrons. The NBA... it's crap-tastic.

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bdure said...

That's one reason why you've gotta love Duke's women's hoops team this year. Just about anyone on the team could go for 15 or 20 on a given night.