Friday, September 30, 2005

Anagram commentary

Sometimes, when I have trouble falling asleep, my mind will work its way toward thinking in anagrams. (I used to count sheep, but stopped after PETA sent me a cease-and-desist letter.) Recently I noticed something:

If you rearrange the letters in EDITING STORY, you get DESTROYING IT. That's deep.

55 Fiction Friday couldn't even tell time with a digital watch.

The drop in Terrell’s quality of life was glaring. Single again, he indulged in the standard bachelor bacchanalia. Between nightlife expenses and alimony payments, he couldn’t even afford a maid.

His only civilized moments came in the afternoon, curled on a crumpled sofa, catching up on his reading over hot tea in dirty shot glasses.

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K-Lyn said...

I used to play the alphabet game to fall asleep...give yourself a theme (Flowers, fruits, B movies, etc) and find one answer for each letter of the alphabet. I ususally didn't make it to Z.