Friday, February 13, 2009


This feels like a good time to wipe the slate clean and re-evaluate the elite teams in college basketball. It's easy to fall into the bad habit of revising past rankings; poll voters do it every week, as they are lazy and useless.

With the exception of a select few, every team looks beatable at this point because they've in fact been beaten recently. In some cases, soundly.

South Regional (Memphis)
01. Oklahoma: 10-0 in a major conference? They stand alone.
08. Louisville: The victim of Notre Dame's one-game revival.
09. Clemson: Maybe they are a top-tier ACC contender.
16. Illinois: Lone home loss (to Clemson) not so bad.

East Regional (Boston)
02. Connecticut: Last 6 games include 2 clashes with Pitt.
07. Arizona State: Sweep of UCLA may reflect a shift out west.
10. Marquette: Should freefall in final phase of schedule.
15. Utah State: One-loss teams: Sooners, Huskies, and Aggies.

Midwest Regional (Indianapolis)
03. North Carolina: May not look battle-tested until ACC tourney.
06. Michigan State: Worrisome home losses to PSU and NU.
11. Villanova: Should improve in final phase of schedule.
14. Missouri: Steady rise capped by Texas, Kansas wins.

West Regional (Glendale, AZ)
04. Pittsburgh: Best candidate for the last top seed right now.
05. Memphis: Didn't think they'd bounce back so soon.
12. Washington: Tops in Pac-10, but being swept by Cal hurts.
13. Duke: Prognosis clear after UNC loss: severely limited.

Also considered: Florida State, Xavier, Wake Forest, Ohio State.

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