Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First ever poll!

The most popular and divisive* issue of Sports Illustrated arrives in newsstands this week. Yep, the swimsuit issue. So I must ask:

Should Brevity have a swimsuit edition?
Hell no!
Courtesy of Pollcode.com

* It's not really all that divisive, but for some reason there are people who write letters to
SI complaining about the swimsuit issue and threatening to cancel their subscriptions. It's a long history of idiocy that's as old as, well, the swimsuit issue. It's annual; don't they know it's coming? I find it funny.


Anjali said...

That poll is fixed. I want to vote yes.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Yeah, I'd vote yes, so long as the folks in swimsuits were NPH and Peyton Manning. And I know another blogger who would, too.

cookezslam said...

how come you stopped posting on movie outsiders?

aa said...

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