Thursday, January 22, 2009

The great Internet meltdown of '09

I watched the Oscar nominations this morning on CNN's online video feed, without volume, and noticed something was awry when the picture of Kate Winslet was not from Revolutionary Road. Soon we discovered that The Reader took the place many felt belonged to The Dark Knight, and the Internet... broke. Popular prediction sites like Awards Daily and In Contention were overloaded. News sites (even CNN) weren't putting up a story. Most embarrassingly, the Academy's own site did not post a full list of nominees for nearly 45 minutes. For movie fans who treat this like their Christmas morning -- or, say, the people in technical categories who might like to know if they were nominated -- it was a shocking display of failure.

And I'm not even talking about Oscar's choices. (Yet.) I managed to avoid the swarm of Bat-fans who crashed message boards in useless venting or protest, likely shouting expletives at an awards body who refused to budge. Why so serious, indeed. I haven't seen The Reader, and may only do so if I submit to completist tendencies and try to see all five nominees. So I won't join the chorus of naysayers who criticize what they do not know. I'm an abstainer, not a complainer.


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