Monday, January 26, 2009

Failed pickup lines in Hogwarts

Seven seems to be the magic number:

"I could introduce you to Dobby, if you're interested."
"Expelliarmus, baby. You can't resist Severus Snape."
"On the Marauder's Map, I have a really big... icon."
"Here, sample my stash of -- oh wait, that's
"Accio seduction music!"
"Ooh, the Head Girl of Hufflepuff. You must be good at [censored]."
"So tell me... is there a Mr. McGonagall?"

Variations and contributions are welcome. Try not to get too dirty.


Quinn said...

These made my day. I'll be pondering this for a while, I'm sure. First thing that came to mind:

There's a reason Slytherin's symbol is a snake.

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