Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Secret 'stache

I've made a habit of watching Jeopardy! recently. I was obsessed with the show back when I was in high school, but have caught it only sporadically since then. I'm sure one of the reasons for my renewed interest has to do with record-breaking champion Ken Jennings, whose blog and forums are a safe haven for closeted trivia nerds like me.

Someone on the forum alerted me today to a temporary, perhaps April Fool's related return of host Alex Trebek's beloved silly divisive moustache mustache hairy upper lip.

I wanted to see it, but I needed to screencapture it. Sure enough, it's there for the first round...

...but gone by Double Jeopardy! Was it a fake? A quick shave? Sadly, this is a question (answer?) that even the smartest people can't answer (question?).

I was hoping for a fake beard to accompany the final clue, but it was not to be. As that same person on the forum observed, maybe Alex was just complying with Ken's photo endorsement.


Mainline Mom said...

Heehee...I LOVE jeapordy. The stache cracks me up. It is sad that my son shares a name with that pathetic host.

olsonsfoodemporium said...

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