Monday, April 07, 2008

I called it!

Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks for winning the 2008 men's basketball championship. As always, a combination of talent, discipline, coaching, and luck went into their title run. But I'd like to think that my year-in-advance prediction had something to do with it too. Oh yeah.

Even if I were wrong about my picks -- and, admittedly, I was way off on USC -- I enjoy doing them. It gives me a chance to evaluate the college basketball world without much media influence. Let SI and ESPN make their ridiculously early opinions tomorrow and later this week; I'll make my ridiculously early opinion tonight.

A year from now, Detroit hosts the 2009 Final Four. Who's there? I say Notre Dame, Texas, Michigan State, and UCLA. Catholics rejoice as Mike Brey and the Fighting Irish ascend to the top of the mountain. Three point Jesus!

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Quinn said...

Ooh, my mom would love 3 point Jesus! Congrats on your victory.