Friday, April 06, 2007

Born into Bothell

Next Wednesday (April 11) has been proclaimed "Blake Lewis Day" in the city of Bothell, located 12 miles northeast of Seattle. For those only vaguely familiar with American Idol, Blake Lewis is the guy who majors in current pop songs and minors in scatting.

I thought it would be nice to reprint the proclamation.

WHEREAS, the City of Bothell supports all its citizens in the pursuit of fulfilling their dreams and achieving success; and

WHEREAS, the television show,
American Idol, is watched weekly by millions of Americans; and

WHEREAS, thousands of young talented men and women audition to become a contestant on
American Idol; and

WHEREAS, from the thousands of auditions, only twenty-four are selected as contestants to begin a grueling competition; and

WHEREAS, Blake Lewis, a citizen of Bothell, was not only selected as a contestant but was also chosen to compete as a Top 12 Finalist for the opportunity to become the first American Idol from Washington State; and

WHEREAS, Blake Lewis has brought positive community spirit to Bothell by sharing his talent and ambition with the world.

NOW, THEREFORE, in honor of Blake’s achievements thus far and encouragement for all his future endeavors, I, Mark Lamb, Mayor of the City of Bothell, to hereby declare April 11, 2007, as

Blake Lewis Day

See? City council business isn't always so stuffy.

The most interesting part of this story, at least for me, is that I went to school with Mark Lamb, the mayor of Bothell. We were in the same graduating class. And he's already running a city.

Just imagine: had I made different choices, I could be a mayor now. Not here in Las Vegas, obviously, but somewhere. And then I could address the city council by saying "There's a new sheriff in town." Oh wait, maybe I should just run for sheriff.

55 Fiction Friday notes that Washington has another finalist.

Story forthcoming.


Quinn said...

MARK LAMB! Is a MAYOR??? That guy is everywhere.

Neel Mehta said...

Well, he's focused on one location now. He's got the Northwest and Dave Karger's got the Northeast.

Also, thanks for giving me an opportunity to explain how I found this. I noticed the mayoral update in the back listings of an alumni magazine and decided to look him up. That's when I saw that Blake Lewis stuff and decided to play up the American Idol angle.

I mean, it's not like I'm stalking some Seattle-based singer. Because if I did, it would be Nancy Wilson... or Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Quinn said...

Wow, that job at the Union put me in touch with the best and the brightest, eh? I remember the first time I saw Karger on CNN.

Julie said...

My reaction: Bothell is considered a city??
They have their own mayor??