Friday, March 16, 2007

Vote Sanjaya!

I've paid mild attention to American Idol, but really get into it once it's down to 12 finalists. With DVR, I can just watch the wrap-up clips of the contestants and decide which I want to hear in its entirety (or for which I want to watch the judges' responses).

Normally I start playing favorites around now, but I'd rather address the curious case of Sanjaya Malakar. I saw him and his sister in the auditions, and made a mental note to follow their progress. I mean, Indian-American idols? What a bizarre way to advance the ethnicity! I'm on board!

Interestingly, also on board are Howard Stern and Vote for the Worst. While their intentions are unclear -- is it the frizzy hair? -- I'll take the support. Because this is what everyone needs to realize: enough people who watch American Idol are voting for an Indian guy. This means, in all likelihood, that white teenage girls are voting for him (a theory posed here). And this is a good thing for every awkward, too-skinny Indian high schooler trying to fit in. Trust me, I know.

Voting for older and better singers may be wise. But voting for Sanjaya is actually important.

55 Fiction Friday hung out in the chemistry lab after school.

The hit show's producers decided to try something different.

Whittle the field to 64 singers and divide them into four groups: Stevie Wonder wannabes, soulful divas, Southern rockers, and punk chicks. Keep Randy and Simon, but replace Paula with Dick Vitale.

Ratings were about the same. The winner had old school appeal but mid-major talent.


Mainline Mom said...

I'm all about cute Indian-American boys, but I cannot in good conscience vote for Sanjaya. (not that I'd ever actually vote for any of them) He sucks and he has stupid hair.

Neel Mehta said...

I'm all about cute Indian-American boys

Hey, that's all you need to say. We've already converted you.

He sucks and he has stupid hair.

There's something very girly about his unnaturally lightened hair, and something very ungirly about the maintenance of his eyebrows.

Mainline Mom said...

Yes, I was converted long ago. My freshman dorm was completely co-ed and EXTREMELY ethnically diverse. WASPs like me were the minority.

He long curly hair is more like mine than any Indian boy I've ever met.

Mo said...

Insult or Compliment? -- "Sanjaya Makes Me Cry" --
Either way it is funny. I must have it...I will show my support! SANJAYA SUCKS