Friday, February 23, 2007

Better late than never

With the Oscars this weekend, I thought I'd finally finish my 2006 movie wrap-up, nearly two months after the fact. Not stale at all! You'll find it here.

As I'm promoting Brevity, the Advanced Screenings Guide lists specific offers for 300, Believe in Me, Beyond the Gates, Black Snake Moan, Dead Silence, Full of It, Gray Matters, The Hills Have Eyes II, I Think I Love My Wife, The Last Mimzy, The Namesake, Premonition, Pride, Reign Over Me, Shooter, Starter for 10, TMNT, Wild Hogs, and Zodiac. Is your city included? Take a look.

55 Fiction Friday is equally prompt.

It was board game night at the State Bar convention.

Naturally, all the international lawyers gravitated toward Risk.

Antitrust practitioners opted for Monopoly, while the defamation attorneys played Taboo.

Jenga was the choice of construction defect litigators; the admiralty lawyers, not surprisingly, immersed themselves in Battleship.

Curiously, everyone that night avoided the game of Scruples.

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