Friday, January 19, 2007

Don't know football from Adam

The phrase is explained here.

The AFC and NFC championships are decided this weekend. For those readers who truly don't know football from Adam, the winners of these games face off in the Super Bowl.

In the NFC game, the Chicago Bears host the New Orleans Saints. The former is a traditional power with a long history of hard-fought success. The latter is a great sports story getting overshadowed by sociopolitical significance. That anyone believes a Saints victory would represent a triumph over Hurricane Katrina frustrates me. I don't want to deny the local fans a bit of escapism, but bandwagon riders need to question their motivations.

Frankly, I'm more interested in the AFC matchup between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. Normally, I don't care for either, but I'm perversely curious because clutch kicker Adam Vinatieri, who won some Super Bowls for the Patriots, defected to the Colts. More to the point, which end result would be funnier?

1. Adam wins the game for his new team on a last-second field goal.
2. Adam wins the game for his old team by missing said field goal.

Clearly, a close AFC game is in the best interests of America.

55 Fiction Friday may have suffered hibernation sickness.

Inspired by the movie, the fourth graders escaped their tour group and snuck into the employee lounge to wait. There they found Dr. Palfrey immersed in an ornithology guide, Dr. Mendoza solving a crossword, and Dr. Ziegler taking a nap.

They had hoped that, once the museum closed, these boring scientists would come to life.


Brando said...

The irony would be great if Vinatieri won it, but if you were creating a predictive model, you'd have to expect the Pats to win. Brady owns the Colts in the postseason, and until that changes, I won't bet against him.

The Bears game has me more anxious than any Bears game in history. I may not make it to Sunday.

Neel Mehta said...

See, I think the irony would be greater (and the outcome funnier) if Mr. Clutchfoot missed the game winning field goal. It would nullify the reason the Colts got/bought him in the first place.

K-Lyn said...

Yay! 55FF!!!!

Quinn said...

You're forgetting the real reason to watch the game: Peyton Manning commercials!

bdure said...

He just missed a tackle -- is that enough?

Funny how the Patriots have all the good fortune that was denied the Red Sox for generations.

Neel Mehta said...

bdure: I used to think that karma balanced out a college's or pro city's fortunes. You know, Duke football and all. But notice how Florida, Ohio State, LSU, Wisconsin, and even USC and Michigan seem to be doing well in both.

ESPN's Sports Guy talks about the ho-hum Patriots here. I quote in part:

Really, you're a football fan and you're not interested in seeing whether the Colts can upend their long-time nemesis and finally make a Super Bowl? That's not cutting it for you?

He misses the point, as usual. I was so sure that the Patriots would win that I wasn't interested. Glad I kept up with the score, started watching in the 4th quarter, and was wrong.

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