Friday, July 07, 2006


What's the greatest threat to our nation? Bears, according to Stephen Colbert. After reading this story, I would agree:

A bear cub drew a crowd of spectators at a Lake Tahoe neighborhood as it munched on barbecue-chicken-and-jalapeno pizza in the back seat of a vintage red Buick convertible.

It also apparently washed it down with a swig of a Jack Daniel's mixer, some vodka and a beer taken from a cooler, the vehicle's owner said.


See, this kind of thing would never happen in Southern Nevada. It would have to be some rare albino grizzly who'd escaped from Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden habitat, and it wouldn't waste time outdoors when it could be getting complimentary drinks at the poker tables.

55 Fiction Friday is thinking sequel to Snakes on a Plane. Speaking of sequels, look for the second half of this 110-word story next week.

Lauren awoke naturally Thursday morning. It dawned on her that no 5:30 wakeup call meant bad news. Again.

M, already up making breakfast, had printed a list of nominees. Lauren overlooked the personal snub; that her show and network remained nonexistent was the greater crime. She would funnel her anger back into her acting. Again.


Oscar Madison said...

But it could happen in northern Nevada. How provincial are you, anyway?

Neel Mehta said...

Well, it did happen in Northern Nevada. It's a totally different climate up there. They have trees and things.

I'm still too new to Southern Nevada to act provincial. But I should point out that, by some measures, Reno is only the 4th most populous city in this state.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

"Maria, what are you scared of?"