Friday, June 16, 2006

Space cadet

My mother wants to visit India. Now that she lives in Las Vegas, she has a new option: Virgin Atlantic. Navigating their website, I noticed that they have a second travel service: Virgin Galactic.

My earthbound search wasn't fruitful (long layovers in London, where she'd switch from Gatwick to Heathrow), but the idea of commercial outer space travel has merit. Perhaps with interstellar inbound traffic in mind, Virgin has agreed to build a spaceport in the state of New Mexico.

Sign me up. Actually, I did put my name on their mailing list for future newsletters, but I couldn't commit to placing a $20,000 deposit on a $200,000 flight. First, I need to know if that's a round trip or one-way fare. Then I'll have to check Orbitz.

55 Fiction Friday always wanted to be the next Lance Bass.

Little Ivan turned two, and his parents withstood the jokes. They wondered if their spiritual leader had, with her choice of names, set up their youngest child for a life of infamy. Still, they were insistent upon the value of their proper nurture.

Besides, his older brothers Saddam and Benito seemed to be doing well.

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