Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An unfortunate airport sighting

We here at Brevity have our brushes with fame. Some are more believable than others. But until Monday night I'd never actually seen a Las Vegas celebrity.

Famous people do live here. Andre Agassi and Tony Curtis come to mind. Wayne Newton's estate is only minutes away. Don Rickles and Debbie Reynolds seem to be here a lot. And yet I've managed never to see them. (Celine Dion may have been within my field of vision at some point, but I would have seen right through her.)

But on Monday, as my father and I drove through the passenger pickup area of McCarran Airport, I saw a recognizable face waiting to use the crosswalk. He was talking to a shorter companion, and was standing a few feet away. Pulled back curly hair, sleeveless shirt, enormous biceps. Unmistakably him. Not slowing the car, I remarked, "Oh crap. Dad, that's Carrot Top." A few seconds passed, and his reply was "What? Who?" It was pointless to go back by then.

Why'd it have to be friggin' Carrot Top? He's just as ugly in person.

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Moral Turpitude said...

Heeey...I saw Carrot Top in a grocery store in Aspen once. He DOES have enormous biceps. When I saw him he was also wearing a sleeveless shirt.