Thursday, April 20, 2006

High time

As a radio station here in Las Vegas observed, today is April 20. They sent a van (hee hee) to a tattoo parlor and novelty shop to help celebrate the 4/20 Bake Sale. I imagine that, alongside the brownies and half-baked goods, there'll be a lot of toasted items.

Full disclosure: I've never smoked marijuana, and I never will. But I can identify with getting the munchies, and maybe when I'm more adventurous I'll celebrate 4/20 with a trip to the promised land: Weed, California. Yes, there is such a town, and they even have a Chamber of Commerce -- they put their weed in it.


Janelle Renee said...

Love your attention to detail. (Time stamp.)

Paresh said...

Greetings. Just added you to my blog links. Found you on TTLB and love your writing style. Hope you can return the favor:)