Friday, March 17, 2006

Tourney talk

As opposed to attorney talk, which is much more yawn-inducing.

Not all of my readers follow college basketball. Shocking, I know. But that doesn't mean that they can't pretend to care, especially when their coworkers, friends, and significant others are buzzing about the latest scores. So I've provided some nice, generic comments that can apply to almost any March Madness context. Trust me, it's better than a blank stare.

(Thanks to Quinn the Brain for contributing some of these.)

1. "They can't keep making sloppy plays if they want to make it to the next round."

2. "The win was ugly, but I'll take it. Survive and advance."

3. "You see, this is what I love about March Madness!"

4. "Does CBS have to keep showing the same damn commercials?"

5. "Everybody knows that defense wins championships."

6. "The refs should shut up and let the teams play."

7. "Sometimes I think Billy Packer just likes to hear himself talk."

8. "Don't count out Texas. Best starting five in the nation."

9. "Michigan State is battle tested and always comes to play."

10. "They're good, but can they string together 6 games?"

11. "One star won't cut it. You need an inside-outside game to make it deep in the tournament."

12. "Isn't it nice to watch these games without having to hear Dickie V jabbering?"

13. "My brackets are toast, but it's been a great year for Cinderellas."

55 Fiction Friday fills out brackets for charity.

The mortals reviewed the matchups carefully and sighed.

Hercules is a 2 seed? The sirens face the Chupacabra in the first round? Telemachus is favored against the Sasquatch? Brunhilde plays the Fisher King at Arimathea? And is Gilgamesh injured?

But they could not protest. This was Myth Madness, and the gods had set the brackets.

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