Friday, February 17, 2006

Vaya para el oro

(Translate it here.)

Watching the Olympics? Tired of that NBC commentary? Then flip to Telemundo. For once, corporate synergy comes in handy.

55 Fiction Friday misses Eddie the Eagle.

"She let his fingers spin along her thigh, breathlessly
awaiting his triple salchow..."

Scratch that.

"She had curves that would make a man weep, with
the rear end of a gold medal speedskater."


"His tongue glided across her teeth haphazardly, like
a non-qualifier at luge..."

Man, these Winter Games are messing up my erotica.


Quinn said...

As Paris would say, that was hot!

K-Lyn said...

No kidding. I wonder what he could write about Hockey...

bdure said...

Eerie coincidence -- I took a photo today of the booth where Telemundo is shooting its stand-up shots. Happened to notice their logo today.

Another eerie coincidence -- I may be sitting each day about two seats away from someone on your blogroll. I'll investigate.