Friday, February 03, 2006

Is it a crime?

Cue the Sade music.

I was presented with a legal issue while in the San Diego area last weekend. During a scenic drive from La Jolla to Del Mar, made painfully long by all the Buick Invitational traffic, I saw a parked van covered with a large logo that said "Skateboarding is Not a Crime." (I was driving and was not able to take a picture. With permission from the FOX network, it might have looked like this.)

I agree with the sentiment. It's a civic annoyance, sure. But a crime? Probably not, and especially not in Del Mar, a town that's very much a part of skateboarding history.

The story is different elsewhere. Saffron, a Thai restaurant on India Street not far from the airport, makes a good sticky coconut rice and mango dessert. And it also prominently displays this sign:

That was way harsh, T(h)ai. I'm sure the police love getting that call. There are some crazy roads in that area, but India Street has at best a slight incline. Where's the harm? Besides, anyone can do it. And I mean anyone.

55 Fiction Friday wants to wipe all of this out and concentrate on one main decorative statement.

He lay still for a moment, his eyes following the patterns on the wallpaper above him. His legs twitched involuntarily, and he crinkled his nose at nothing in particular. Then, as he touched his hot and itchy ears, he started crying, almost inconsolably.

He was five months old, but already knew that having eczema sucks.

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