Friday, December 30, 2005


Forgive my lethargy this week -- I've spent my two days off work battling some form of illness that I probably picked up at work, and will likely face again when I return to work later today. Possibly the flu, probably not the avian variety. The past two nights I attempted the following regimen (product placement warning):

1. Hot tea laced with Zicam Cold/Flu and a Nature's Resource Zinc with Echinacea lozenge. It tastes pretty much as you'd expect.

2. I used that mixture to help swallow down a NyQuil LiquiCap, a Comtrex nighttime cold/flu tablet, and two CVS-brand non-aspirin cold medicine tablets.

3. Next, a chaser of NyQuil Cough and Triaminic sore throat spray.

4. I spread some Vicks VapoRub greaseless cream on my chest and neck and go to bed.

5. In the day I'm almost as vigilant, taking DayQuil, Halls Defense lozenges, and Airborne (the gummy lozenges and the effervescent tablets).

It seems like a lot of money for over-the-counter medicine, and it probably is, but I'd pay more not to be sick if I actually stayed sick.

Also, bear in mind that I am about 6 feet tall and weigh over 200 pounds. So you may want to adjust for your own body size, by maybe subtracting all those lozenges.

With the daily installments of oatmeal and soup, and I feel much better now. Wait, who are you people?

55 Fiction Friday gets sick about as often as Tyler Durden does.

He had read that the coffee conglomerate wrestled its way into London. Now they set up shop by his courthouse.

Seeing her behind the counter, he reconsidered his ill disposition. Soon the perfect day involved not winning cases, but moments of her time.

They would make mild conversation and laugh, the barrister and the barista.


maisnon said...

the barrister and the barista.

I'm in love with you, have I told you that before?

Neel Mehta said...

You have not, but thank you. I thought of the phrase and just had to build a story around it.