Friday, December 16, 2005

Everywhere you go has valet

I live in a small gated community with street parking aplenty, and yet one of the neighbors down our street offers valet service for their Christmas party. I was amused to see this while leaving for work one afternoon (click to enlarge):

I learned from another neighbor that they do this valet thing every year. So, I wonder: did they buy the orange cones and red "VALET" sign, or just rent them? Do they get permission from the adjacent homeowners to do this? Are these three (!) guys volunteers, or hired help? Would they issue you a parking stub? And how much do you tip them for retrieving a car about 100 feet away?

55 Fiction Friday cries at weddings.

The impeccably dressed executive was relaxed and charming. He calmly and rationally addressed his employees’ concerns, and they agreed to invest their retirement accounts in the corporation. They all left the meeting fully assured of their company’s future.

"How’d it go?" his wife asked.

He loosened his tie. "Perfectly. Now we can afford that yacht."

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