Friday, December 02, 2005

Astrodroid security

Christmas shopping, as encouraged in TV commercials and holiday songs, normally rubs me the wrong way -- I guess I just don't like to be told that I'm supposed to be a generous individual. But every now and then comes an item so irresistible that I start to believe that the timely spending of money will make me a better person.

Somehow, some way, this shall be mine. It detects motion! It obeys commands! It dances to cantina music! It's like Jedi Elmo, only better. Best of all, it won't be available until next year, so it doesn't have to be a holiday purchase. I can rest easy that no one will thank me for contributing to their 4th quarter revenue gains.

55 Fiction Friday got served.

Few doodles are as valuable as those found on official Air Force One notepads. Cleaning up one day I found detailed notes of social policy in the President’s handwriting. I imagined the man in charge was more intelligent and compassionate than he let on. Three words scribbled below suddenly broke my reverie.

"Kanye was right."

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