Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The crazy 88s

Congratulations go to the Chicago White Sox on winning their first World Series since 1917. They're not exactly the self-proclaimed Idiots that changed the fortunes of the Boston Red Sox last year, but the Crazy 88s -- that's my term, feel free to spread it -- were equally impressive in this postseason.

It's early to think about 2006, but that's what I do. That other team in Chicago might have noticed the streak-breaking trend that's recently supplanted the wild card champion trend, and anything is now possible. I can't pick the Cubs, though; what if there's a Brevity jinx as strong as the Sports Illustrated cover jinx? I can't do that to them. And I won't pick the Yankees either, because I sure as hell wouldn't want to be right. Their title drought is only 5 years long, and I'd like them to add at least another 80.

So I'll stick with the color theme. Red Sox, White Sox... gotta go with the Blue Jays. I just have a feeling about them, even though that feeling might best be described as uncaring nonchalance.

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