Friday, September 23, 2005

Expiration date

The other day I was cleaning out the medicine shelf of the large linen closet and found this.

Think I should throw it away?

55 Fiction Friday sings to me, but would make a ghastly American Idol contestant.

The harsh lights were at best unflattering to Todd’s work. He had researched Chilean jungles extensively and assembled a collection that would be the envy of any botany enthusiast.

The actors flattened the foliage as they grinded away. Todd sighed. At times he wished he could get set design work outside of the porn industry.


bdure said...

"Over and over we flatten the clover ..." -- XTC, Grass

Thinking Fool said...

Not only should you keep it, you should put it on eBay!

cg-c said...

Experation dates are only used because after that date the manufacturer can't GUARANTEE the same results.

I have it on good authority (people in my family in the medical field) that you can take medicine LONG after the expiration date, and they regularly do. And so do I.

Although some would say that explains a lot...

cg-c said...

FURTHERMORE, (because I can't read because I've had too much wine and only just NOW saw the picture for what it was, duh, blame a long week of working hard and long) I *STILL* have a vioxx prescriptiong a doctor gave me for cramps that still works. I say, heck, why not?!