Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Marital arts

I finally found some free time to catch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Goodness. Despite what some experts would have you believe, poor Jennifer Aniston never had a chance.

Highlights: the counseling sessions. The look on Angelina's face when she suddenly realizes she can do comedy. The look on Brad's face when he suddenly realizes he can do Angelina. The dining room curtains. Vince Vaughn and Kerry Washington. The dune buggy scene. The girl gun. Air Supply. The Fight Club t-shirt.

Like so many releases these days, it was apparent that entire chunks of plot had been edited out. We see vague images of a mastermind-type character played by Keith David, but nothing more. The source of the antagonism never surfaces. And it doesn't matter. Director Doug Liman was incredibly wise to stick to the themes of marriage, therapy, and spy versus spy. This film makes a nice bookend to Grosse Pointe Blank.

I hesitate to find out if anyone is interested in adapting this premise for television, because it could theoretically work. Of course, I shudder to think of the TV-caliber actors they'd use as leads. Jack Wagner and Sofia Milos? We should be so lucky. I'm open to suggestions.


The Attractive Nuisance said...

It could work if they got Lauren Graham and Christopher Meloni. Heterosexual lady though I am, I would not mind seeing Lauren Graham in some spy outfits, and Christopher Meloni is fiercely hot.

bdure said...

Beg to differ on Jennifer Aniston never having a chance. Brad will live to regret bailing on her.

I second the notion of Lauren Graham being in a show like that. The only thing that would be preferable would be resurrecting Phil Hartman and putting NewsRadio back in production.

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