Monday, August 01, 2005

Chasing Jorja

Jorja Fox
c/o CBS Production
7800 Beverly Blvd., Room 18
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2165

Dear Miss Fox:

While I wouldn't call myself a fan necessarily, I have followed your career since you appeared on ER -- you know, back when it was still interesting. We should have suspected something new was up in an season 3 episode entitled "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Your character, Dr. Maggie Doyle, was a gun-wielding, lesbian vegetarian -- like a cross between Calamity Jane and k.d. lang in a white lab coat. She had a nice relationship (platonic yet competitive) with Dr. John Carter, and was instrumental in helping Jeanie Boulet when she disclosed her HIV status. And then you disappeared.

Must have been the Secret Service training, because then you appeared on The West Wing as special agent Gina Toscano, who was assigned to protect the President's daughter at college. Here was another role that you could play tough and tomboyish, and your character's lack of a social life could be easily explained. She did her job well, preserving Zoey's safety when shots were fired and helping apprehend the gunmen, but more importantly, you managed once again to leave the show before it started to suck.

You moved on to your biggest role, as Sara Sidle, a late addition to the CSI cast. Fittingly, she came to Las Vegas from San Francisco. And this was yet another role where your character could be defined by her job. But then, for reasons unclear, the show runners gave her a boyfriend. It was a strained relationship, of course, but it seemed unnecessary to go there. Lately the show has lost its favor from me, primarily because your character has been reduced to a struggling alcoholic pining for Gil Grissom. Makes no sense -- I liked Sara better when she was ambiguously gay.

Huh. I seem to know a lot about you. Maybe I am a fan.

Your biography in the Internet Movie Database states that you're a vegetarian and have co-founded a company called, ahem, Honeypot Productions. You made an uncredited appearance on the coming-out episode of Ellen as "The Attractive Woman." Even your photo spread in Stuff magazine, which caters to young men, had kind of a Barbara Stanwyck butch/femme fatale thing.

So what's going on here? I know actors like to maintain an air of mystery, but you're slowly losing your mojo as you continue to stay silent. Desperate, I looked to the Lord for a sign.

And there I saw it, in the Cow Hollow section of San Francisco. There was indeed a sign. And it was good. If ever there was a call for you to come out already, this is it. Just some friendly advice.

Your #1 Fan,

Neel Mehta

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