Monday, August 08, 2005

Documentary on ice

March of the Penguins: fun for the whole family? Uh, no.

Baby penguins! What you don't see in the ads, but do see in the movie, is the harsh winter that kills some of the adult and child penguins, and threatens all the others. The cold season is relentless, like hurricane season in Haiti, only with snow, darkness, and predators. While the film is correctly rated G, most kids (and some adults) may have a hard time dealing with that frozen reality.

The film chronicles a year in the life of the emperor penguins of Antarctica. Morgan Freeman narrates the kind of script that sounds good in his voice. "Get busy mating or get busy dying"? Well, not exactly.

Amazing observation: until the closing credits, you never see a camera, footprint, or any sign of human proximity. And the cameras are close to the action. It's like the penguins completely accepted the filmmakers' presence and went about their lives. A fascinating inside look, though you wonder if the camera operators ever helped a struggling penguin or just let nature take its course.


Julie said...

It's amazing how tolerant penguins are of people. I haven't seen the movie but I have seen the Penguin Parade live in Melbourne. Ferry Penguins come in from the ocean right after the sun goes down and head for the dunes for the night. There are lights everywhere and built up walkways for people. They don't even look at the people and aren't bothered by the light. Supposedly all these changes to the dunes hasn't changed any of their habits.

Chai said...

i can't wait for the DVD to watch how they did was an amazing movie.