Sunday, March 01, 2009

March has arrived

Selection Sunday is two weeks away, and while the bubble has become more defined, the picture at the top looks no clearer.

East Regional (Boston)
01. Connecticut: Pitt goes for the sweep March 7.
08. Kansas: On a hot streak, and I can't ignore them anymore.
09. Washington: One win away from outright Pac-10 title.
16. Brigham Young: Don't count out the Mountain West.

Midwest Regional (Indianapolis)
02. Pittsburgh: They look uncomfortable with a #1 ranking.
07. Michigan State: Big Ten title all but locked up.
10. Duke: Saved face with that 4-game winning streak.
15. LSU: I guess an SEC team might break through after all.

South Regional (Memphis)
03. Oklahoma: A win at Missouri should cement top seed.
06. Louisville: Might tie UConn for regular season title.
11. Gonzaga: Remember them? They're winning again.
14. Marquette: Loss of Dominic James could cost them 4 seed.

West Regional (Glendale, AZ)
04. North Carolina: Go west, and avoid the Big East's best.
05. Memphis: Like last year, a freshman stud at the point.
12. Villanova: Clear separation behind Big East's top three.
13. Missouri: In the mix, despite that 25-point loss to Kansas.

Also considered: Wake Forest, Utah, Butler, UCLA.

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