Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where the streets... (take 4)

Some seriously lousy turnaround time here at Brevity. It really does seem to take a few months before I remember to revisit this series. My apologies.

On occasion I like to scour the Las Vegas area (via Google Maps rather than car) to find neighborhoods where the streets are quirkily named. Past themes: Star Wars, confusion, baseball.

It's as good a time as any to introduce gambling. Click to enlarge:

There are many gaming-themed street names in town, but this section of town just east of Boulder Highway is the largest one I could find. It's kind of generic -- there's nothing specific to the history of Vegas, such as it is. Most of the roads describe some aspect of card playing, with a few dice and sports book exceptions. Still, not a slot machine reference in sight.

Big Red Court seems a little out of place -- was the developer a gum chewer or a cheerleading movie fan? But a quick search tells me that there used to be a Big Red's Casino.

(P.S. More fun with Bring It On here.)

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