Sunday, April 13, 2008

Three years old

Not a Pic-Tac-Toe:

Seemed appropriate to use a 3x3 grid to signify this blog's 3rd birthday. Three years of Brevity -- makes it sound kind of long-winded. (All of the images above relate in some way to the concept of Three. Let me know if any explanation is needed.)


K-Lyn said...

Wow...first time I've looked at one of these and not a single theme jumped out at me (although I think it might be my strong aversion to three bean salad). I will go stare at it this evening in hopes of some insight I had to stop and say "Happy Blog Day!" first.

Neel Mehta said...

Repeat: this is NOT a Pic-Tac-Toe. It's just a collection of 9 images that have one theme in common: the number 3. For example, the top left image is of the Mazda 3.

Thanks for the well-wishing, though.

Mainline Mom said...

Happy 3rd. I liked this grid! Thank goodness it wasn't one of your super-genius pic tac toes...cuz I suck at those.

K-Lyn said...

Oh thank god. I feel better now then...

Julie said...

Umm, yeah, I do need explanations. Bottom left corner. Can't tell who or what that band is - or is it just any old band that happens to be a trio?

And taking a risk at looking uneducated or unhip:
third column/second row - who's the guy in the hat?

Neel Mehta said...

Julie: That band IS a trio, from your neck of the woods in fact, but there's more to the story.

The images:

1. Mazda 3

2. Trinity knot in Celtic culture (and I guess the Power of Three in Charmed)

3. The hilariously awkward beach hug at the end of the training montage (montage!) in Rocky III

4. Three-bean salad

5. Earth, the 3rd planet in our solar system

6. Late NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, iconic wearer of the number 3

7. Nirvana's notorious performance of "Lithium" at the MTV Video Music Awards, when bassist Krist Novoselic flung his guitar into the air and didn't quite catch it. It fell on his head instead, and he left the stage in a daze. Nirvana is a trio; "Lithium" is the 3rd element on the periodic table.

8. The Three Amigos!

9. Cross-section of a 3 Musketeers candy bar