Sunday, March 23, 2008

The All-Hogwarts team

More on the actual NCAA tournament later. Some fun for now.

Last year's All-Simpsons team was so successful that I decided to try another approach. Here are my choices for the All-Hogwarts team, tracking down the players who share a name with characters in the Harry Potter series of books. The team is led by co-MVPs Drew Lavender and Derrick Brown, both of Xavier.


Derrick "Lavender" Brown, Xavier
DeAndre "Lee" Jordan, Texas A&M
Drew Lavender "Brown", Xavier
Steffphon "Peter" Pettigrew, Western Kentucky
Will "Dean" Thomas, George Mason


Keegan "Katie" Bell, Vanderbilt
Austin "Angelina" Johnson, Oklahoma
Rockwell "Alastor or Mad-Eye" Moody, St. Joseph's
David "Harry" Potter, Clemson
Surry "Oliver" Wood, UNC

HONORABLE MENTION (not in the NCAA tournament)

Michael "Professor" Binns, Fordham
Jeremy "Barty" Crouch, Bradley
Darin "Hermione" Granger, Evansville
Rahmon "Mundungus" Fletcher, Wisconsin-Green Bay
Phillip "Gilderoy" Lockhart, Jackson State


cityleaguehoops said...

Here's some Lavender footage for anyone interested.

Quinn said...

After watching Dozier play last night, we were wondering if there would be an all-Canterbury team.

Neel Mehta said...

That is a great idea. I'll leave it up to you to compose one. (Just enter "[surname] ncb" in an ESPN search, and look for player name results at the top of the page.)

I feel like I can't do it because there's a distinct lack of Indian surnames in college basketball. Though Bradley does have this guy...