Saturday, December 01, 2007

Waiting on a friend

Specifically, I was waiting for K-Lyn of And She Was... to send me photos of her recent Beatles-themed birthday. (Read her invitation here and check out the Yellow Submarine cake here.) She finally e-mailed them, and I was pleased to see some very simple but effective costumes. Those really are the best kind. I won't post the photos here, but see if you can guess the Beatles song by the outfit description:

1. The birthday girl had a sunshine sphere dangled above and in front of her.
2. Some guy with a 1040 form taped onto him.
3. The co-host adhered colorful plastic Easter eggs to his sweatshirt.
4. Some lady had bathroom drapes draped around her.
5. The other co-host wore her MLS jersey boasting the New England team.

Though I could not attend, I would like to echo K-Lyn's shout-out to Quinn the Brain and her spouse for graciously hosting the event in their house, with the lovely kitchen and the awesome wooden flooring. Can I make an early request that you do the same for my 34th birthday next September?

I was thinking of doing a Rolling Stones theme (click the band name, not the picture above, and here's the transcript). It wouldn't be hard. We'd all just sit around, keep doing what we always do, and see how old we would get.


K-Lyn said...

You probably couldn't notice the deshelved guy (or smell him...he right of the streets!) named Al who's face was painted white. That was awesome!

And don't forget the guy in the coonskin hat and Giedeon's Bible.

And I am going to post a few shots over there when I get around to it. I was pretty please with my hat!

Neel Mehta said...

I liked Mr. White Album and Mr. "Rocky Raccoon" (as well as Madames "Yesterday" and "When I'm 64"), but they're hard to describe without giving the titles away. You should totally post those pics, though.

And I thought 5 questions seemed like a nice round number. Ahem.

No comment on your boy Jimmy Fallon?

Bill said...

1. I'll Follow The Sun
2. Taxman
3. I Am The Walrus
4. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
5. Revolution

The coonskin hat and Gideon's Bible is a nice idea. I probably would have come in stinking of gin and proceed to lie on the table. And that without even knowing it was a costume party!

Nice cake. :-)

Neel Mehta said...

Well done, Bill. And I thought I was up late!

Quinn said...

If I may... I was actually "Revolution #9," but the photo did not show the back of the jersey.

And N, we would LOVE to host your party. Come on over.

K-Lyn said...

Jimmy Fallon is MY boy?

Damn. And I didn't even invite him to the party?

Neel Mehta said...

Put a pretty boy (even an annoyingly smirking one) in a Red Sox jersey, and I thought nature took care of the rest.

Since we're speaking fictionally anyway, you can bring him to my party.

ZenDenizen said...

I so want to attend the Stones party!

bdure said...

Oddly enough, the New England Revolution haven't had a player wearing #9 in a couple of years. It's one of the most common numbers in soccer, but no one wears it for the Revs.

Neel Mehta said...

Zen: If you can beam outta Scottsdale, you're invited. It is, after all, a fictitious party.

bdure: Thanks for confirming my suspicions. When I looked up the MLS site, I saw no #9 on the New England roster. I assumed, if anything, that maybe Quinn was wearing a Jay Heaps #6 jersey upside down.

Quinn said...

N, the Jay Heaps reference is precisely why I voted on this costume vs. my own version of "When I'm 64" (ie -- dressing like my mom.)

I loves me some Jay. Heaps!