Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pic-Tac-Toe (12th edition)

This will be the last Pic-Tac-Toe of 2007. By now you know that it's a puzzle of nine images arranged into a 3x3 square, Brady Bunch style. Each row, column, and diagonal has a theme. Your mission is to solve the puzzle by figuring out all 8 themes. Good luck!

(Click to enlarge, and make your guesses in the comments.)

SOLVED! K-Lyn mastered 5 themes, Billie got 2, and Bill was the closer. Speaking of, Bill's new 3-D Pic-Tac-Toe can be found here. It's really an amazing creation -- 27 images, 49 themes -- and it must be seen to be believed.


K-Lyn said...

First stab at it -

Bottom: MONEY

Middle: TIPS

backslash: BEAUTY

Neel Mehta said...

5 themes correct, though BEAUTY is the slash diagonal.

billie said...

Middle row: Cotton?

billie said...

Top row: Oscar winners

Neel Mehta said...

Welcome, billie! You are correct on the top and middle rows.

This just leaves the 159 backslash diagonal, then.

K-Lyn said...

Ah, I came back her to trumphantly proclaim COTTON only to find I was too late. Oh well, I would never have gotten Oscar Winners...Stevie was totally throwing me.

Bill said...

Wow, I step out for a few hours...

The backslash diagonal is RAP ARTISTS (Eve, Q-Tip, 50 Cent).

Brevity readers can check out my latest 3D version here.

Neel Mehta said...

Wow! I thought that would be harder. Anyway, I'll also plug the 3-D puzzle on the main text of this post.

The themes...

Top Row: OSCAR WINNERS (All About Eve/Bette Davis/George Sanders, Stevie Wonder, American Beauty/Kevin Spacey)

Middle Row: COTTON (T-shirt, swab, bandannas)

Bottom Row: CURRENCY ("US $24.95," tip jar money, half dollar coin)

Left Column: MARILYN MONROE (in All About Eve, on a T-shirt, on a handbag)

Middle Column: TIPS ("Fingertips," Q-Tips, jar for tips)

Right Column: AMERICAN (American Beauty, American flag designs, American coin)

159 Backslash Diagonal: HIP-HOP ARTISTS (Eve, Q-Tip, 50 Cent)

357 Slash Diagonal: BEAUTY (American Beauty, "The Ultimate Beauty Tool," beauty handbag and beauty mark)

Bill said...

This was a very tight puzzle. Nice work!

And thanks for the plug up top!