Friday, December 07, 2007

17 undefeated teams

I'm paying about half-attention to the early goings this college basketball season. (I'll be at the UNLV-Arizona game in a couple of weeks, so by then I should be a lot more excited.)

I have, however, been keeping an eye on those teams that have yet to lose a game. Last time I wrote about the sport, there were 41 undefeated teams. Since then, 24 have lost.

Seems unfair to leave a team out, so my Seeded 16 is a Seeded 17.

South Regional (Houston)
01. Memphis: Good neutral court wins strengthened their profile.
08. Clemson: Could be 13-0 when they host UNC in the new year.
09. Pittsburgh: Get a pre-holiday test against Duke in NYC.
16. Texas-Arlington: These two Southland teams could both be...
17. Sam Houston State: ...undefeated when they play January 30.

Midwest Regional (Detroit)
02. Kansas: Great win at USC in possible Final Four preview.
07. Butler: Beat Ohio State by 19 points last week.
10. Miami: Could coast through rest of 2007.
15. Vanderbilt: A few okay wins, but rest of SEC not convinced.

East Regional (Charlotte)
03. UNC: I'm frustrated to say that I don't hate these guys yet.
06. Georgetown: Great chance to show stuff at Memphis soon.
11. California: Can measure themselves vs. Kansas State.
14. Mississippi: Matchups against Winthrop, Clemson lay ahead.

West Regional (Phoenix)
04. Texas: Early wins vs. Tennessee, UCLA count a lot.
05. Washington State: Exercised state superiority at Zags.
12. Duke: Lost Martynas Pocius to season-ending injury.
13. St. Mary's: But Gonzaga's still the WCC team to beat.

Also considered: No one for now.

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