Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pic-Tac-Toe (7th edition)

For those who worry, I do have non-puzzle content written and ready for publication when the time is right.

Defying all boundaries of my mental abilities, Bill at Shakespeare Teacher has created a second 3-D Pic-Tac-Toe puzzle. Feel free to join me in a hair-pulling contest over there. But first, bask in the vaguely Halloween edition of Pic-Tac-Toe here.

Once again, a Pic-Tac-Toe is a puzzle in which 9 images are arranged in a 3x3 grid. Each line of images (row, column, diagonal) has a theme that unites the images somehow. Your mission, and only two of you have chosen to accept it, is to solve the 8 themes.

(Click the image to enlarge; guess in the comments section.)

SOLVED! It was a his-and-hers accomplishment, with the oft-mentioned K-Lyn and Bill getting 4 themes each.


K-Lyn said...

Top: Heavenly Hosts (Angel, Cherub, Seraphim)

Bottom: Simon

Middle: Pumpkin

Forwardslash: Rob Roy (Liam, Jessica, and Tim were all in it)

Bill said...

The middle row is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead actors (Dreyfuss, Roth, Oldman).

Neel Mehta said...

Both of you are correct. 3 themes to go...

Bill said...

Right column: Actors from the Star Wars saga (Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher)

Bill said...

Backslash: Daughters of famous fathers (Paul Sorvino, Christopher Plummer, Eddie Fisher)

Bill said...

Left Column: Academy Award Winners (Mira Sorvino, Richard Dreyfuss, Jessica Lange)

K-Lyn said...

Ok, I'm about 20 minutes behind on figuring out the R&G and Star Wars themes. However I would never have gotten the other two since I wasn't aware that Mira Sorvino won and Oscar or who Paul Sorvino is (or was).

Neel Mehta said...

Bill: All correct. 4 themes to the lady, 4 to the gentleman. And each of you got a diagonal; I thought those 2 themes were the most obscure.

K-Lyn: This puzzle is what happened when you requested an all-Shakespeare edition last month.

After playing around with the idea some, I gave up and decided I'm better off sprinkling an occasional Shakespeare theme into random puzzles.

The answers...

Top Row: ANGELS (Angel of Death, "Cherub Rock," Seraphim Falls)

Middle Row: ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD (Richard Dreyfuss, Tim Roth, Gary Oldman)

Bottom Row: SIMON (composer Simon Boswell, author Charnan Simon, Paul Simon)

Left Column: ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS (Mira Sorvino, Richard Dreyfuss, Jessica Lange)

Middle Column: PUMPKIN (Smashing Pumpkins, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, Pumpkin Fever)

Right Column: STAR WARS SAGA (Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher)

159 Backslash Diagonal: HOLLYWOOD DAUGHTERS (of Paul Sorvino, Christopher Plummer, and Eddie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds)

357 Slash Diagonal: ROB ROY (Liam Neeson, Tim Roth, Jessica Lange)